Project Anomaly

HKU / Cinecrowd

Teaser: Project Anomaly

A group of 4 young students wants to investigate the flora and fauna in the ‘Exclusion Zone’ because of the many rumours about mutated animals and plants. This is the area that is evacuated during the disaster in 1986 and left behind as an abandoned wasteland.
After weeks of research and preparations, the group is ready to enter the ‘Zone’. But once they arrived at the entrypoint of the Zone, things become more complicated. The guards forbid the group to continue but they cannot say why.

This is the reason to sneak into the Zone without permission and find out what’s going on. Where do all these strange things come from? Do we know what’s really happening out there? Do we need to be afraid of what is coming?

Directors: Rik Schutte & Niels Medemblik
Managers: Janneke van Meel & Corynne Akse
Screenwriters: Stefan Rops & Jan Meij
Camera: Tim Thuis &  Daan Vidas
VFX: Rik Schutte & Niels Medemblik
Sound Design: Peter-Paul Timmermans
Music & Mix: Hugo Morango